For over 150 years, Milwaukee has been home to a large community of people of Polish descent. The Milwaukee Polonia Project hopes to show the interweaving, intertwining family trees that resulted in this community. It is hoped that, eventually, all the families can be connected to one another. The Milwaukee Polonia Project is also a means to explore our common history and celebrate our shared heritage.


Points of Origin

Points of Origin for Milwaukee Polonia (Under Construction)

How to Use this Map: Zoom in or out using the "+" or "-" icons. (You can also enlarge to full screen.) Scroll over the dots to show some of the information about that locality, including the database from which at least some of the data comes.  The three designated databases are the Poznan Project, PTG, and the BaSIA Project.  Click on a locality to show all the information recorded for it, including the family names in the Milwaukee Polonia Project which have events associated with that locality.  Toggle the bottom layer off to remove the heat map. (You may have to refresh your page, or zoom out or in, to get it back.) Toggle the middle layer off to show the jurisdiction of the localities in 1914. (Hovering over the localities in this layer will show different data.)  Searchable information about the shown localities can be found in the following index.

Index to Points of Origin
When complete, the following index will list all known point in Poland with events (birth, baptism, marriage, residence, or death) associated with families in Milwaukee Polonia. It will also list the names of the families with events at that locality.  When known, the geographic co-ordinates and alternate spellings of the locality will also be given.  Disclaimer:  many of the localities in the research are ambiguous.  We do our best to try to insure that we have designated the correct locality.  However, as with most genealogical research, you should always double-check the data and draw your own conclusions.  Names in the following list for which we have more than the usual amount of doubt as to our conclusions on the locality are marked with a "*".
In many cases, information on the alternate names of the localities comes from Kartenmeister.  If you're searching for a location that is not yet on our list, you might try there.  Also, these sources are extremely helpful:

Also, Polska 990 - 2010 is an interesting video showing the changing borders of Poland.
On some browsers, the following list is searchable using "CNTRL - F" (on PC's) and "COMMAND - F" (on Macs).

NOTE:  To help eliminate some of the ambiguity that occurs when multiple localities share the same name, some of the localities listed below are also shown with the administrative district or their county listed as well.

Bądkowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Badkowo
Co-ordinates: 52.7167 N, 18.7667 E
Family Names: Dembinski, Felix

Barcin, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bartschin
Co-ordinates: 52.875 N, 17.9583̊ E
Family Names: Kasynski, Musial. Rosinski, Tylicki,

"Bausze", Poland (possibly Płowce)
Co-ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Remba,
Białężyn, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bialenschin, Bialezyn
Co-Ordinates: 52.6333 N, 16.9833 E
Family Names: Duszynski, Kujawa
Białśliwie, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bialosliwie, Domäne Flottwell, Domane Flottwell
Co-Ordinates: 53.1 N, 17.1333 E
Family Names: Mulka,
Białystok, Podlaskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bialystok, Byelastok,
Co-Ordinates: 53.1333 N, 23.15 E
Family Names: Adamski,  Frackowiak

Bierzyn, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bierzon
Co-Ordinates: 52.438 N, 18.8575 E
Family Names: Dyksnski

Bługowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Blugowo, Seehof
Co-Ordinates: 53.2667 N, 17.1333 E
Family Names: Baranczyk, Baron, Biedrzycki, Bielinski, Boruta, Brzezinski, Bureta, Ciepluch, Cybulski, Czerwinski, Czez, Droba, Dziekan, Erdman, Grochowski, Hauranka, Hausz, Jagodzinski, Jach, Jankowski, Kolodziejczyk, Kowalski, Kubacki, Latus, Lewandowski, Maciejewski, Majer, Malinowski, Marlewski, Michalek, Michalski, Mir, Nowak, Paprocki, Piszczek, Plewa, Raszka, Rewolinski, Rybarczyk, Skowera, Smogula, Sommedag, Sromala, Stanczyk, Stanioch, Starczak, Suchy, Szopiczela, Szweda, Tatera, Tuchacz, Tutaj, Welniak, Wnuk, Ziarnek, Zielinski, Zwadziszek

Bnin, Kórnik, Wielkopolski, Poland
a.k.a. Seebrück, Seebruck
Co-Ordinates: 52.2333̊ N, 17.1̊ E
Family Names: Wozny,

Bobowo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bobau
Co-Ordinates: 53.8833 N, 18.5667 E
Family Names: Chojnacki, Domachowski

Bożepole Szlachieckie, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Boschpol, Boschpohl,
Co-Ordinates: 53.9784 N, 18.228 E
Family Names: Domachowski

Brodnica, Brodnica, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a.: Strasburg, Brodnitza
Co-Ordinates: 53.2650 N, 19.3967 E
Family Names: Kicki (Kitzki or Kitzke)

Brodnica, Srem, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.15 N, 16.8833 E
Family Names: Chalupnik, Cukier, Karulewiczowa, Kaszewski, Kozlowski, Pieprzyk, Pilarek,

Brody, Nowy Tomśyl, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.4389 N, 16.2965 E
Family Names: Najdek, Przybyla

Bronisław, Mogilno, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bronislaw
Co-Ordinates: 52.6468 N, 18.1151 E
Family Names: Ruszkiewicz, Wierzbinski

Bronisław, Radziejów, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bronislaw
Co-Ordinates: 52.6891 N, 18.5264 E
Family Names: Bankoski, Dembowski, Glowacki, Jankowski, Jarlowski, Kazmierczak, Koltoniak, Kuzba, Maiczak, Marciniak, Nowaczyk, Patyk, Podorowski, Powicki, Raszk, Remba, Szeliga, Wisniewski, Wroclawiak, Zak

Broniszewice, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bronischewitz, Marienbronn,
Co-Ordinates: 51.9684° N, 17.8136° E
Family Names: Melerowicz, Wojtczak (1)

Brusy, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bruß, Bruss
Co-Ordinates: 53.8833 N, 17.7167 E
Family Names: Jazdzewski, Napientek, Spierewka, Spirewka, Tuszkiewicz

"Brzekowo", Poland (possibly Roszkowo)
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Janiszewski

Brzezinki, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Berkynek, Birkeneck, Otterhof
Co-Ordinates: 53.3149 N, 19.4087 E
Family Names: Kicki (Kitzki or Kitzke), Kulwicki

Brzeziny, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Brzesini, Brzesziny, Brzezeno, Teufelsbruch, Brzeczini, Briesen
Co-Ordinates: 54.37 N, 18.22 E
Family Names: Hirsch

Brzyskorzystew, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Birkenfelde, Bryskoristew, Brzyskorzyszew,
Gogólka or Gogulka 1827,
Kuraczewko or Koraczewko 1828,
Brzyskorzystew Wyreba Huba 1861
Brzyskorzystew Wyreba Marianowo (in German Marianwelde) 1861,
Brzyskorzystew Pawlowo (in German Pansholf) 1861
Brzyskorzystew Folwark Stary 1861,
Brzyskorzystew Marianowo Wyreka Brzyskorzystewska 1863
Co-Ordinates: 52.9° N, 17.65° E
Family Names: Luczak, Suchala
Budzyń, Chodziez, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Budzyn, Budsin, Butsin
Co-Ordinates: 52.894 N, 16.989 E
Family Names: Czerwinski

Buk, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.35 N, 16.5333 E
Family Names: Paluczak*

Buntowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Buntuwe, Seefelde
Co-Ordinates: 53.2669 N, 17.1215 E
Family Names: Czarnecki

Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bromberg, Bramberg
Co-Ordinates: 53.15 N, 18 E
Family Names: Budnik, Gorecki, Kowalkowski, Nowakowski

Bysław, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Byslaw, Bislaw
Co-Ordinates: 53.5167 N, 18 E
Family Names: Cyborowski, Felski, Musolf, Parszyk, Ropinski, Schweda

Byszewo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bischewo, Byschewo
Co-Ordinates: 53.3 N, 17.8333 E
Family Names: Borzych, Schultz

Bytonia, Zblewo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Bitonia
Co-Ordinates: 53.9213 N, 18.284 E
Family Names: Domachowski, Scharmach,

"Cartanns", Prussia
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Szwaby

Cekcyn, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a.Cekzin, Polnisch Cekzin, Seehaupten
Co-Ordinates: 53.5667 N, 18.0167 E
Family Names: Brona, Cyborowski, Dziekan, Kielpinski, Kolassa, Makowski, Mosolf, Mulsolf, Mulzof, Musolf, Musolph, Myslinski, Ryczkowski Schultz, Schweda, Siewert, Wolski,

Cerekwica, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates:  52.8297 N, 17.642 E
Family Names:  Janus, Rozewicz

Chałupy, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Chalupy, Ceynowa, Zeinowa, Zeynowa, Ziegenhagen
Co-Ordinates:  54.7667° N, 18.5167° E
Family Names:  Budzisz, Detlaff, Muzia, Rotta (16)

Chłapowo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Chlapawo, Chlapau, Chlappau
Co-Ordinates: 54.8070 N, 18.3812 E
Family Names: Ciskowski (1)

Chodzież, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Chodziez, Chodschesen, Chodzesen, Chodziesen, Kolmar
Co-Ordinates: 52.9833̊ N, 16.9167̊ E
Family Names: Czerwinski, Krawczyk, Maciejewski, Peczwozniak

Chojna, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Choina, Choyna, Choien,
Co-Ordinates: 53 N, 17.2833 E
Family Names: Moczynski, Schanwark, Wutschek*

Chojniki, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.2815 N, 16.1026 E
Family Names: Gostomski

Chomiąża Szlachecka, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Chomionshca-Adlig, Chomiaza Szlachecka, Aldig Chomionza
Co-Ordinates: 52.7667 N, 17.85 E
Family Names: Kuraszewski, Nowak

"Cirkwitz, Posen, Prussia"
Co-Ordinates:  Unknown - There are two towns with similarly spelled names: Zirkwitz (aka Cirkevitz and Cirkwica) in Pomorskie, and Cerekwica (German: Cirkwicz) in Silesia.   However, both of these towns lie well outside the old province of Poznan.  Therefore, it could be a reference to Cerekwica (German: also "Cerekwica"), which is 5 kilometers west of Żnin in Kujawsko-Pomorskie.
Family Names:  Jasniecki

Cracjcze, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 53.1897 N, 17.1187 E
Family Names: Waloch

Ćwiersk, Mazowiekie, Poland
a.k.a. Cwiersk, Czwersk
Co-Ordinates: 52.7444 N, 20.1844 E
Family Names: Cichocki

Czersk, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Heiderode
Co-Ordinates: 53.8 N, 17.9833 E
Family Names: Borzyszkowski, Rekowski

Czarnylas, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Csarvjlas, Czarnilas, Schwartzwald, Schwarzwald
Co-Ordinates: 53.8386 N, 18.4938 E
Family Names: Krzewinski, Wojtas, Woitas

Czerniejewo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Schwarzenau
Co-Ordinates: 52.4334° N, 17.4902° E
Family Names: Malicki, Biskupski, Budzinski (1)

Czeszewo, Wagrowiec, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Czeschewo
Co-Ordinates: 52.9079 N, 17.38 E
Family Names: Czajkowski, Jaraczewski, Kaminski, Komassa, Kominski, Kulinski, Pauszek

Dabrówka Kościelna, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dabrowka
Co-Ordinates: 52.5731 N, 17.1722 E
Family Names: Napierala, Rosciszewski

Darżlubie, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Darzlubie, Darslub, Darzlub, Darschlub
Co-Ordinates: 55.706° N, 18.3266° E
Family Names: Dettlaff (4)
Dębówko, Wyrzysk, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Debowko, Dembowko
Co-Ordinates: 53.118 N, 17.1924 E
Family Names: Zielinski

Dębowo, Naklo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Debowo, Dembowo, Amfluß, Amfluss
Co-Ordinates: 53.184̊ N, 17.4945̊ E
Family Names: Gorzlaski, Koprowski, Mazur, Proll, Szweda (3)

Długa Goślina, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a Dluga Goslina, Langgoslin
Co-Ordinates: 52.6333 N, 17.0333 E
Family Names: Krzemienewski, Wachowiak

Dobrcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dobsch, Dauben,
Co-Ordinates: 53.2667 N, 18.15 E
Family Names: Szerbat, Tarkowski

Dobre, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dobrego
Co-Ordinates: 52.6814 N, 18.5765 E
Family Names: Kuzba

Dobre-Kolonia, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.6752 N, 18.5423 E
Family Names: Kuzba

"Dobryjewice", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
probably Dobrzejewice, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland but could be Dobre, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Family Names: Remba

Dobrzyca, Krotoszyn, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dobberschütz, Dobberschuetz,
Co-ordinates: 51.8678̊ N, 17.6011̊ E
Family Names: Mogilka, Zacherjasz

Dobrzyniewo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dobbertin, Dobrziniewo
Co-Ordinates: 53.1742 N, 17.2211 E
Family Names: Przybyla

Dochanowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.8915° N, 17.6102° E
Family Names Bocian, Janiszewski (3)

Drzycim, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Driczmin, Dritschmin, Dretz, Dritzmin, Dryzycin, Drziczmin
Co-Ordinates: 53.5167 N, 18.3167 E
Family Names: Blerig, Linkowski, Lipinski

Dziekanowice, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dziekanowitze, Schönfelde, Schoenfelde
Co-Ordinates: 52.5167 N, 17.3833 E
Family Names: Budzinski, Biskupski, Gorski, Wesolowski (2)

Dzierżążano, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dzierzazano
Co-Ordinates: 54.3196̊ N, 18.2643̊ E
Family Names: Gigowski

Dźwierszno Wielkie, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Dzwierszno Wielkie, Groß Dreidorf, Gross Dreidorf, Gross-Dreidorf
Co-Ordinates: 53.3024̊ N, 17.3580̊ E
Family Names: Bratkowski, Brzezinski, Cybulski, Fons, Kobza, Majdoch, Muzach, Nitz,

Falmierowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Charlottenburg
Co-Ordinates: 53.1945̊ N, 17.2213̊ E
Family Names: Jagodzinski, Woida, Wojda

Fordon, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Fordan, Fordonek
Co-Ordinates: 53.1478 N, 18.1532 E
Family Names: Sobolewski

Garczyn, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Garcin, Gartschin, Grenzhof
Co-Ordinates: 54.0430 N, 18.2395 E
Family Names: Kaminski, Lemke 

Gąsawa, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gasawa, Gonsawa, Gonzawa
Co-Ordinates: 52.7702 N, 17.7565 E
Family Names: Bagnoski, Grajek

Gdańsk, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gdansk, Danzig, Stadtgebiet
Co-Ordinates: 54.356 N, 18.6527 E
Family Names: Bykowski, Domachowski, Filip, Grzegowski, Hoga, Jedka, Kleba, Litza, Litzau, Mathea, Mesk, Miller, Perzowski, Skibowski, Soyk, Wojtal

Glesno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 53.1834 N, 17.3028 E
Family Names: Boinski, Brzezinski, Bureta, Cybulski, Danielski, Grabelski, Grzesk, Ignowski, Jagodzinski, Janicki, Kaczmarek, Keobiccha, Lepek, Maciejewski, Michalski, Mucha, Przybyla, Raczkowski, Rechlicz, Rosploch, Rozga, Scibiorski, Stachowiak, Sztupaj, Tatera, Wasiak, Zagrodnik (19)

Gniewkowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Argenau
Co-Ordinates: 52.8961 N, 18.4021 E
Family Names: Krajniak, Matulewicz, Prusinski

Gnieżdżewo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gniezdzewo, Gńieżdżewó
Co-Ordinates: 54.7472 N, 18.3784 E
Family Names: Hallmann

Gniezno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gnesen, Genezen, Gnezden, Gnezen, Gnezna, Schinesghe
Co-Ordinates: 52.5329 N, 17.5974 E
Family Names: Czechorski, Janiszewski, Napierala, Pryba, Rosciszewski

Gołańcz, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Golancz, Gollanz, Gollantsch, Schwertburg
Co-Ordinates: 52.9444̊ N, 17.3014̊ E
Family Names: Grabarkiewicz, Kuranki, Kurlinski, Maternowski, Olbinski Rozewicz, Streig, Tylicki, Wloczwoda, (7)

Góra, Inowrocław, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gora,
Co-Ordinates: 52.7533 N, 18.3513 E
Family Names: Proszkiewicz, Wieczorkiewicz

Góra, Kościerzyna, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gora, Gorra
Co-Ordiantes: 53.9722 N, 18.2744
Family Names: Domachowski, Myszkowski

Góra, Żnin, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gora, Bergen
Co-Ordinates: 52.6782° N, 17.7486° E
Family Names; Blachowski, Cieply

Gorzyce, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.8830° N, 17.5840° E
Family Names: Fennig, Janiszewski (1)

Gosławice, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Goslawice
Co-Ordinares: 52.7555 N, 18.6877 E
Family Names: Klimczak

Gostycyn, Tuchola, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gostyczyn, Liebenau
Co-Ordinates: 53.5028 N, 17.8143 E
Family Names: Bak, Bąk, Bonk, Berendt, Burchand, Chechla, Czyzmowski, Kolofsa, Korda, Mroz Niemczyk, Omiel, Omiela, Pliszka, Schultz, Szpkiocowna, Szwanin, Woitalewicz, Wolszleger, Zulawski

Grabianowo, Śrem, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.117 N, 16.8826 E
Family Names: Kozlowski

Gralewo, Mazowiekie, Poland
a.k.a. Stare Gralewo
Co-Ordinates: 52.7133 N, 20.1161 E
Family Names: Cichocki, Skrzeczkowski

Grodziszczko, Środa, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Grodzisko, Probstei; Probstei Grodzisko
Co-Ordinates: 52.3189 N, 17.3641 E,
Family Names: Stachowiak, Kowalski or Kowalczyk

Gromadno, Wyrzysk, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Gromaden, Schwabensee
Co-Ordinates: 53.2056 N, 17.2139 E
Family Names: Andraszczyk, Bierdzycki, Brzezinski, Ciepluch, Cybulski, Cywinski, Domagala, Gospodarek, Kaczka, Kaczkowna, Kaczmarowski, Kala, Kaluzny, Karlewicz, Klimek, Koceja, Koniec, Kowalski, Lapinski, Lewandowski, Meller, Miller, Ozga, Pawlowski, Placzek, Raszka, Rewolinski, Rozploch, Smidzinski, Starszak, Tadych, Tatera, Tomczyk, Tutaj, Walloch, Waloch, Wegner, Welniak, Wisniewski, Wnuk, Ziarnik,

Grudziądz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Grudziadz, Graudenz, Graudentz, Grodeck, Grodschonz, Grudzienice, Grudzieniec,
Co-Ordinates: 53.4946 N, 18.7578 E
Family Names: Gesicki

Grylewo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.8903 N, 17.2286 E
Family Names: Januszewski, Lasecki, Paluczak, Tylicki, Wieczorek, Zywicki

"Guberniwarssafski," Poland
Note: This looks like a bad transcription of "Gubernia warszawska" (Warsaw Govenerate) a administrative district of the Russian puppet state known as the Congress Kingdom
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Kogutkiewicz

Honowajdy, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Hungerwerder, Hunger Werder
Co-Ordinates:  53.1604° N, 17.2532° E
(Approximate only, exact location is unknown)
Family Names: Jagodzinski

Inowrocław, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Inowroclaw, Inowraclaw, Inowrazlaw, Hohensalza, Jungbreslau
Co-Ordinates: 52.8032 N, 18.2624 E
Family Names: Jagodzinski, Jendrzejewski, Kwasniewski, Maciejczak, Matuiewicz, Matuszak, Mikolajewski, Mikula, Osinski, Podlaszewski, Sokolowski, Szymczak, Wienert, Wroblewski (11)

Jaktorowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Jachterowo, Jactorowo, Schönrode
Co-Ordinates: 53.0358 N, 17.2321 E
Family Names: Rosploch, Ulezelski

Jaminy, Podlaskie, Poland
a.k.a. Jominal
Co-Ordinates: 53.6635 N, 23.0232 E
Family Names: Andradzka, Sienko, Talkowski

Janowiec Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Janowitz, Janowice, Janowitz-Ost
Co-Ordinates: 52.7578 N, 17.4887 E
Family Names: Lubawa, Oleniczak

Jarosław, Podkarpackie, Poland
a.k.a. Yareslov, Jaroslau
Co-Ordinates: 50.0192 N, 22.6792 E
Family Names: Kwasniewski

Jastarnia, Pomorskie, Poland
a.ka. Heisternest, Danziger Heisternest, Putziger Heisternest, Jastarnia Pucka i Gdanska, Jastrurnia Pucka
Co-Ordinates: 54.7044 N, 18.6720 E
Family Names: Boschke, Konkol, Lenz, Muzia, Struck (7)

Jastarnia Bór, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Heisternest Wald (?)
Co-Ordinates: 54.6397 N, 18.7825 E
Family Names: Boschke, Lenz, Muzia (12)

Jeleńcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Jelencz, Jehlenz, Jehlincz, Jelincz
Co-Ordinates: 53.5603 N, 17.7429 E
Family Names: Mulzof, Myslinski

Juncewo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Junzewo
Co-Ordinates: 52.8372 N, 17.529 E
Family Names: Gorecki, Rybarkiewicz

"Karnowka", Germany
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Rosenbaum

"Karoi", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Wydbrodt

Kcynia, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Exin, Kcyn, Krcenia
Co-Ordinates: 52.9914 N, 17.4883 E
Family Names: Banaszynski, Borowiak, Cwig, Danielski, Faltynski, Grohall, Kujawa, Maciejewski, Murkowski, Rozewicz, Schubert, Soskowitz, Stachowiak, Switalski, Ulatowski, Wieczorek (11)

Kęsowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kesowo, Kensau,
Co-Ordinates: 53.5597 N, 17.7124 E
Family Names: Karnowski

"Ketno" Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown, several possibilities
Family Names: Kleba

Kłecko, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Klecko, Kletzko, Klötzen
Co-Ordinates: 52.638 N, 17.4188 E
Family Names: Baranowski, Napieralski, Rozanski

Kleszczyna, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 53.1327 N, 17.1175 E
Family Names: Brzonkala

Kobielice, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.7255 N, 18.5305 E
Family Names: Kudlak

Kobylanka, Małopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 49.6761 N, 21.2201 E
Family Names: Ceterski

Kobysewo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kobissau, Kobbesow, Kobuslewo
Co-Ordinates: 54.3606 N, 18.2648 E
Family Names: Gigowski

Kołdrąb, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Koldrab, Koldromb
Co-Ordinates: 52.7388° N, 17.5682° E
Family Names: Kabacinski, Kryger

Komorowo, Gniezno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Deutschtal
Co-Ordianates: 52.5584° N, 17.4223° E
Family Names: Kujawa, Malicki (1)

Kościan, Wielkopolski, Poland
a.k.a. Koscian, Kosten
Co-Ordinates: 52.0934 N, 16.6422 E
Family Names: Stachowiak, Stachowski

Kościelec, Inowroclaw, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Koscielec, Koscielec Kujawski
Co-Ordinates: 52.7943 N, 18.1559 E
Family Names: Brzycki, Paczkowski

Kościerzyna, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Berent, Behrendt, Bern, Berna, Berndt, Costerina, Koscierz, Koscierzyna, Koscina, Kunikowski, Stenzel
Co-Ordinates: 54.1254 N, 17.9750 E
Family Names: Rozek

Koszczały Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Koszczaly, Koszczaty
Co-Ordinates: 52.6959 N, 18.5441 E
Family Names: Dembowski, Kuzba

Koszewo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.4410 N, 18.3673 E
Family Names: Kopydlowski

Kosztowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Friedrichshöhe
Co-Ordinates: 53.1628 N, 17.1950 E
Family Names: Andraszczyk, Androszczyk, Brzezinski, Budnick, Buzalonka, Cywinski, Dorsz, Frydryszek, Gacka, Grzesk, Jagodzinski, Janusz, Januzina, Jaworski, Kozak, Krawiecki, Kubicki, Matczynski, Meller, Owczarz, Pawlowski, Piotrowski, Rarimarski, Rozga, Rybarczyk, Ryczek, Samolinski, Skretny, Sonnenberg, Stamczyk, Szafranek, Szawlowski, Szulc, Tomaszewski, Widerski, Zolecki,

Kowalewo, Gniezno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Schönbrunn
Co-Ordinates: 52.6922 N, 17.5908 E
Family Names: Duszynski

Kozielsko, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.8209 N, 17.4162 E
Family Names: Nowak, Wielgosz

Koźmin Wielkopolski, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kozmin, Koschmin, Coszmin,
Co-Ordinates: 51.8375 N, 17.4504 E
Family Names: Kotecki, Kulinski, Paterek, Pluta, Zmyslony

Krajenka, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Krojanke
Co-Ordinates: 53.2927 N, 16.9907 E
Family Names: Kachalek, Klimek, Plewa

"Krajenskie", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown. Two likely candidates are Sępólno Krajeńskie, Wielkopolskie, Poland, or more likely, Miasteczko Krajeńskie (sometimes spelled "Miasteczko Kraińskie"), Wielkopolskie, Poland
Family Names: Kucharski, Wozny

Królikowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Krolikowo, Krulikowo, Chraplewo, Hufen
Co-Ordinates: 52.9623 N, 17.6231 E
Family Names: Komorowski

Krostkowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Freimark, Freymark, Kroskowo
Co-ordinates: 53.1115 N, 17.1979 E
Family Names: Affelowa, Andraszczyk, Bureta, Buretta, Dziubek, Frydryzek, Groszczyk, Jagodzinski, Janusz, Jeski, Liebsch, Malich, Pierdzioch, Rosploch, Rozploch, Ryczek, Sawicki, Stanczyk, Zielinski

Kruszka, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 53.5632 N, 18.0034 E
Family Names: Ciepluch

Kruszwica, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kruschwitz, Kruswice
Co-Ordinates: 52.6780° N, 18.3183° E
Family Names: Ciechanowski, Woytarznewski

Kruszyn, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kruszin
Co-Ordinates: 53.981 N, 17.5959 E
Family Names: Breza, Leszczynski

Krzywda, Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 54.3703 N, 18.2334 E
Family Names: Gigowski, Walaszkowski
(This village has been marked on the above map, but there is no printed name. The village is shown on Google maps.)

"Ksieztwie", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown. "Księstwie" is Polish for "Principality" so it seems likely that some pertinent information on this locality was lost somewhere along the line.
Family Names: Sikora

Kujawy, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland 
Co-Ordinates:  53.0504 N, 18.9481 E
Family Names: Sikora
(This may be an error. According to this information, this person’s birthplace is about 112 km east of where he was married and where his parents may have been married.)

"Kukom, Posen, Prussia"
Co-Ordinaes: Unknown. Bases on locations associated with family members, it seems like Tłukomy
Family Names: Paprocki

"Kunecko", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown, possibly Kunicha, Augustów, Podlaskie, Poland, a small village just west of Sztabin
Family Names: Kubiak (1)

Kunowo, Gostyń, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kunthal
Co-Ordinates: 51.9373 N, 17.0161 E
Family Names: Cukier, Karulewiczowa

Kunowo, Piła, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kunau
Co-Ordinates: 53.2587 N, 17.1538 E
Family Names: Brzezinski

Kunźica, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kuznica, Krefeld, Krußfeld, Krußfeldt
Co-Ordinates: 54.7373 N, 18.5799 E
Family Names: Konkel, Kuchnowski, Rotta

Kwieciszewo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Kwiecischewo, Kwiezicewo, Kwisizewo, Blütenau
Co-Ordinates: 52.623 N, 18.0430 E
Family Names: Wabiszewski

"Lasenko", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown
Family Names: Filip

Laska, Brusy, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Deutsch Alt Laska, Laska Stara
Co-Ordinates: 53.9305 N, 17.5240 E
Family Names: Piekarski

Łebcz, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lebcz, Lepsch, Löbcz,
Co-Ordinates: 54.7732 N,
Family Names: Hallman, Obercich, Renusch

Lechlin, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lechlin Dorf,
Co-Ordinates: 52.7122 N, 17.1497 E
Family Names: Baranowski, Bulinski
Note: On the Poznan Project, this appears as "Lechlin-Pruśce". This appears to be the name of two Catholic parishes which had their records kept jointly. Thus, the actual marriage could have been in the parish of Lechlin or the parish of Pruśce.

Łęgowo, Wielkopolski, Poland
a.k.a. Legowo, Lengowo
Co-Ordinates: 52.7909 N, 17.1706 E
Family Names: Komorowski, Kotecki, Polczynski, Winiecki (2)
Note: On the Poznan Project, this appears as "Łęgowo-Tarnowo". This appears to be the name of two Catholic parishes which had their records kept jointly. Thus, the actual marriage could have been in the parish of Łęgowo or the parish of Tarnowo.

Łekno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lekno
Co-Ordinates: 52.8411° N, 17.3045° E
Family Names: Belewinski, Rewolinski, Szymarek, Szatkowski (2)

Leśno, Pomorskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 53.9505 N, 17.6974 E
Family Names: Breza, Broza, Gawin, Jutzenka, Knitter, Spierewka, Spirewka

Leszczyna, Popkowice, Lublin, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 51.0325 N, 22.2070 E
Family Names: Zuber

"Libinki", Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown. This could be one of the various towns named " Lipinki" It could also be a bad transcription of "Lipnica"
Family Names: Kowalkowski

Limanowa, Małopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 49.720 N, 20.4002 E
Family Names: Bednarczyk, Krol, Szewczyk, Szumilas

Linowiec, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lenowiec
Co-Ordinates: 54.0227 N, 18.4941 E
Family Names: Fabich

Lipnica Wielka, Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown. There are 2 possible choices, both lie in southern Poland in what was part of Austria.
Family Names: Wozniak

Lipnice, Łódź, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 52.2432 N, 20.0564 E
Family Names: Kaminski

Lipniki, Małopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lypnika
Co-Ordinates: 49.6734̊ N, 21.2915̊ E
Family Names: Ceterski (1)

Lipowo, Sztabin, Podlaskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 53.6578 N, 23.0139 E
Family Names: Talkowski

Lisewo Kościelne, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lisiewo Koscielne, Liebensee
Co-Ordinates: 52.9093° N, 18.0792° E
Family Names: Skowronski, Steponski (1)

Liszkówko, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Liszkowko, Jobshöhe
Co-Ordinates: 53.2133 N, 17.3554 E
Family Names: Cybulski

Liszkowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lischkowo, Witzleben
Co-Ordinates: 53.2292 N, 17.3232 E
Family Names: Brzycki, Kuraszewski, Wojda

Łobżenica, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lobzenica, Lobsens
Co-Ordinates: 53.2619 N, 17.2540 E
Family Names: Bliznier, Bruska, Brzezinski, Ciepluch, Droba, Erdman, Fons, Gapinski, Golla, Gora, Jurkiewicz, Klapa, Korzeniewski, Kulpa, Losos, Niemczynski, Nitz, Okonski, Paradowski, Rybarczyk, Ryczek, Skiera, Starszak, Tomasz, Wojciechowski, Wrzeszcz, Zagrodnik (14)

Łódź, Poland
Co-Ordinates: Unknown - several choices.
Family Names: Gniot (1)

Łopienno, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lopienno
Co-Ordinates: 52.7037̊ N, 17.4701̊ E
Family Names: Antkowiak, Gorna, Modlinski, Oleniczak, Pawelski (5)

Lubasz, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lubasch
Co-Ordinates: 52.8534̊ N, 16.5228̊ E
Family Names: Graj, Polaszczyk (2)

Lubichowo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lubichow
Co-Ordinates: 53.8566̊ N, 18.3980̊ E  
Family Names: Radomski, Stasiewski (1)

Lubiń, Kościan, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Lubin
Co-Ordinates: 51.9667̊ N, 16.8997̊ E
Family Names: Kotecki, Kozlowski (1)

Lublin, Lubelskie, Poland

Co-Ordinates: 51.2464̊ N, 22.5577̊ E
Family Names: Ponczek (1)

Łubowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland

a.k.a. Lubowo, Libau
Co-Ordinates: 52.5145̊ N, 17.4477̊ E
Family Names: Malicki, Ornowski, Walczak (2)

Luchowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland

a.k.a. Buchen, Gut
Co-Ordinates: 53.2667̊ N, 17.2659̊ E
Family Names: Starszak (1)

Ludzisko, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland

a.k.a. Ludzisk, Ludsieczko, Ludsitzko
Co-Ordinates: 52.7278̊ N, 18.1669̊ E
Family Names: Czajkowski, Glowacki, Jedrzejewski Paliwoda (2)

Mąkowarsko, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Makowarsko, Monkowarsk, Monkowars, Monkowarz
Co-Ordinates:  53.4083̊ N, 17.2659̊ E
Family Names: Rybarczyk, Wyrzykowski (1)

Małe Chełmy, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Male Chelmy, Klein Chelm, Klein Chelmo, Chelmki,
Co-Ordinates:  53.8950̊ N, 17.6309̊ E
Family Names: Jazdzewski, Spierewka, Spircwka, Spirewka (11)

Margonin, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates:  52.9768̊ N, 17.0865̊ E
Family Names: Grohall, Kroll, Maciolek, Nowak, Paczesny, Pauszek, Recek, Ryterski, Schubert, Szudrowicz, Szyper, Witkowski (17)

Matarnia, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Mattern, Matern, Materna, Maternia, Matarniô, Gdansk Maternia
Co-Ordinates:  54.3805̊ N, 18.4835̊ E
Family Names: Petke, Rutkowski

Mechowo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Mechow, Mecko, Meckowo, Mechau, Mechòwa
Co-Ordinates:  54.714̊ N, 18.2764̊ E
Family Names: Dettlaff (3)

Miasteczko Krajeńskie, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Miasteczko Kraińskie, Friedheim, Miasteczko Krajenskie, Miasteczko Krainskie
Co-Ordinates:  53.0932̊ N, 17.0068̊ E
Family Names: Jendrzejek, Kucharski, Misiak, Nowak, Pierdzioch, Pyszkowski, Szpera, Tatera (7)

Miesciśko, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Miescisko, Mietschisko, Markstädt
Co-Ordinates: 52.7459̊ N, 17.3268̊ E
Family Names: Nowak, Rosinski (1)

Młyńsko, Sianowo, Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Mlynsko, Mlinski, Mlingsko, Mlinsko,
Co-Ordinates:  54.3824̊ N, 18.0945̊ E
Family Names: Konkol (1)

Mokronos, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a.  Mokronosy
Co-Ordinates:  51.8056° N, 17.2211° E
Family Names: Stanislawski (1)

Mordarka, Małopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates: 49.6974° N, 20.4636° E
Family Names: Krol (1)

Mórkowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
a.k.a. Morkowo, Murke
Co-Ordinates: 51.9100° N, 16.5320° E
Family Names: Gorski (1)

Morzewo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates:  53.0862° N, 16.8874° E
Family Names: Maka, Pierdzioch (1)

Mrocza, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
a.k.a. Immenheim, Mrotschen, Mrotzen,
Co-Ordinates:  53.2512° N, 17.6056° E
Family Names: Bolman, Damazyn, Danielski, Krzszkiewicz, Rybarczyk, Zielinski (3)

Mylin, Wielkopolskie, Poland
Co-Ordinates:  52.6458° N, 16.2378° E
Family Names: Ruszkiewicz (1)